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MPEG Parser 1.3

A professional tool for watching the structure of mpeg files
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Mpeg Parser is a professional DVD tool developed by DVDLogic Software. This program will help you to watch the structure of mpeg files, which means that you will be able to view separate fields of their structure. The application has a very user-friendly interface, where all the main features of mpeg files, such as resolution, frame rate, drop type, encode type, size, bite rate, picture count and others are shown.

There are five modes of file processing in this program: quick mode, show first GOP, show tree, show extended tree and rewrite cache. The "Quick" mode is to make quick parsing of the file including only important fields of mpeg files. A cache file is not created. The "Show first GOP" mode is to parse only GOP in the file. This mode shows all parameters of the file except duration. The "Show tree" mode makes full parsing of the mpeg file, including creation of a cache file and building of a tree-like structure. The "Show extended tree" mode doesn’t have much difference with the previous mode, it shows some additional features. The last mode, "rewrite cache", differs from the show tree mode in that the cache file is rewritten.

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